Consideration of Invisible Visible, 2017. Photo Shintaro Sumimoto


What is it that we truly see? If by chance the world in front of us is reset, perhaps we can notice the importance of choosing. The performance Consideration of Invisible / Visible raises such topics through resonating after-images and voice.

Consideration of Invisible / Visible centres on a reading of texts from the novel Blindness by José Saramago, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature 1998. One day people suddenly lose their sight and become immersed in an overwhelming white ‘darkness’, like boundless milk instead of ‘darkness’ in the common sense. For a while, chaos takes over, with people panicking and the positions of the weak and the strong reversing. In the end, however, the people regain their sight. After sharing something of the people’s experience of being blind and then regaining their sight, the audience for Consideration of Invisible / Visible are invited to rethink what really has to be seen in the uncertain modern era.

Maurice Blanchot's The Madness of the Day is entangled with the work Blindness as a meta text. The audience are about to lose their vision due to intense light; metaphorically, nothing is truly visible if one pays too much effort to see everything. During the performance, Moriyama’s body gleams in the post image of the flickering light, and texts flow out through his limpid voice, introducing the audience to an unknown vision.

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Moriyama, Mirai

Mirai Moriyama is an actor and dancer who has worked in various fields of performing arts and film.