Cracks in the Master’s House (2021–2022)

Prajakta Potnis
Cracks in the Master’s House
Multimedia installation
Dimensions variable
Produced by Sharjah Art Foundation
Courtesy of the artist


Prajakta Potnis examines the imprint of social, economic and political systems on the body and psyche of the individual. Cracks in the Master’s House (2021–2022) is a site-specific multimedia installation exploring the life of domestic care workers in India. Unfolding across four interconnected spaces, the installation amplifies the stories of women whose labour is extracted only for them to be obscured behind the banality of the everyday. Interweaving the architectural details of Bait Al Serkal, such as the existing wells and windows, Potnis creates an oneiric world that immerses the viewer in the daydreams and fantasies of caregivers and cleaners seeking mental solace from the physicality of their work.