Culture Capture: Crimes Against Reality (2020)

New Red Order
Culture Capture: Crimes Against Reality
2- channel HD video installation
9 minutes
Courtesy of the artist


Facilitated by three core contributors—Adam Khalil (Ojibway), Zack Khalil (Ojibway) and Jackson Polys (Tlingit)—New Red Order engages with a network of collaborators to produce video, performance and installation works that challenge contemporary colonial strategies and examine obstacles to Indigenous growth. Culture Capture:
Crimes Against Reality (2020), a two-channel video work, focuses on the continuation of colonial conflicts and the subversion of their ideological structures. The artists juxtapose Indigenous epistemologies in a dystopic future rife with settler- governed climate catastrophes as an allegorical gesture to amplify the agency of those who have been historically subjugated. The short film mixes 3D images with visual fragments and other archive material to explore the symbolic power of public monuments, depicted in a state of dissolution.