Freedom of Movement (2017)

Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani
Freedom of Movement
3-channel video installation, colour and sound
9 minutes 45 seconds
Commissioned and co-produced by MAXXI – National Museum of 21st Century Arts, Rome
Courtesy of the artists


Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani investigate collective memory and perceptions of social and political turmoil through the lens of transitory public spaces and the built environment. Freedom of Movement (2017), a three- channel video installation, returns to the moment at the Rome 1960 Summer Olympics marathon when Abebe Bikila, representing Ethiopia, won the gold medal running barefoot. He not only became the first Black African gold medalist but also a symbol of Africa’s ongoing decolonisation. Through intertwined fragments projected across three screens, Fischer and el Sani contextualise the enduring ideological, political and architectural consequences of Bikila’s legendary victory.

Written, directed and edited by: Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani
Cast: Edem Akuété Cinematographer: Maroan el Sani Camera Assistant: Antonio Castles

Voice-Over: Charles Onyedieke Foley Artist: Martin Langenbach
Sound Design / Final Mix: Björn Wiese Colour Correction and Image Mastering: Mikko Gaestel
Equipment: Ludwig Kameraverleih GmbH Berlin

Film Archive: Istituto Luce, Rome
Production: Fischer & el Sani, Berlin / MAXXI, Rome
Production Advisor Berlin: Caroline Kirberg Legal Advisor: Sören Erdmann Commissioned and co-produced by MAXXI – National Museum of 21st Century Arts, Rome
Funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH; MAXXI – National Museum of 21st Century Arts, Rome; Galerie Eigen+Art, Leipzig and Berlin; and Galleria Marie-Laure Fleisch, Rome and Brussels
With the friendly support of Goethe-Institut di Roma and Accademia Tedesca di Roma Villa Massimo
With technical contributions from Istituto Luce, Rome
Camera Equipment: Canon C300
Special thanks to Pippo Ciorra, Elena Motisi, Alessandra Spagnoli, Giulia Pedace, Viola Porfirio, Eleonora Devreux, Stefania Vannini and the MAXXI team, Christiano Migliorelli from Istituto Luce, Gabriele Kreuter-Lenz from Goethe-Institut di Roma, Dr Joachim Blüher from Accademia Tedesca di Roma, Villa Massimo, Marie-Laure Fleisch, Teresa Hoefert de Turegano, Luca Gianfrancesco, Mara Freiberg, Luca Lomonaco, Luca Legnani, Michael Kotschi, Christian Schidlowski, Caroline Neubauer, Elisabeth Furtwängler and May Metika Koed-Choe