Works from 'Gadani'

Lala Rukh
Works from 'Gadani', 2001
Silver paint on paper,
20.7 × 29.2 cm each


Lala Rukh’s art practice is intertwined with her lifelong commitments to teaching, activism and the classical music of South Asia, which span the past fifty years and include her founding and directing MA Honours in Visual Arts at Lahore’s National College of Arts; and co-founding The All Pakistan Music Conference (1960), Women’s Action Forum (1981) and Vasl Artists’ Trust (2000).

In Sigiriya (1993), three serigraph prints depict the ancient city’s water gardens at different times of day, exploring transference and duration through evolving gradients of colour and tone. Indicative of her economy of form and interest in line as perceptual threshold, Hieroglyphics IV and V (2006–08) draw on the artist’s exposure to calligraphy and music from an early age. Here, the square, angled qat, which determines the size and form of calligraphic writing, is used to visualise the matra, or beat, that constitutes the fixed rhythmic patterns of South Asian raaga – an exploration of new units of measure and structural progression that underlie both systems.

Various work

Lala Rukh

Installation view: Sharjah Art Museum

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Various work Image

Sand drawings: 1–4

Lala Rukh

Four digital prints,
40.6 × 54.6 cm each

Sand drawings: 1–4 Image

Gadani: no. 14

Lala Rukh

Silver paint on paper,
20.7 x 29.2 cm

Gadani: no. 14 Image

Hieroglyphics V: Iktaal

Lala Rukh

Silver paint on carbon paper
20.3 × 50.8 cm

Hieroglyphics V: Iktaal Image

Works from ‘Sigiriya’

Lala Rukh

Serigraph with pastel additions
58.4 × 45.7 cm each

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Works from ‘Sigiriya’ Image