Mapping Water (2023)

Naiza Khan
Mapping Water
Single-channel video 28 minutes
Produced by Sharjah Art Foundation; supported by Rossi & Rossi, Hong Kong and London
Courtesy of the artist


With ecological research at the centre of her intersecting artistic interests, Naiza Khan considers the ways in which geography materialises power and facilitates the collective remembrance of colonial histories. The film Mapping Water (2023) and a trilingual reading performance, titled Set in a moment Yet still moving (2023), are responses to the artist’s critical examination of the relationship between time, site, researched material and lived experience. Mapping Water depicts Khan in the studio, working with watercolour as it washes over paper and dries, effectively creating an auto-map. Set in a moment Yet still moving draws from her field notes and examines how the passage of time changes both a place and its chronicler.