My Land My Memory (2023)

Marwah AlMugait
My Land My Memory
5-channel sound installation 25 minutes
Produced by Sharjah Art Foundation and Diriyah Biennale Foundation, Riyadh
Courtesy of the artist


Marwah AlMugait uses visual, technological and performative elements to explore humanity’s connection to the natural world, issues of migration and displacement as well as the mechanics and ambiguities of human interaction. My Land My Memory (2023) is a multi-channel sound installation born of the artist’s ongoing research into collective memories of displacement. It goes hand in hand with the augmented performance piece of the same title, which communicates the journeys of migrants and refugees, and their longing for home, through a live performance of silent movements that respond to recorded narratives and a spatial visualisation. Rearranged into a soundscape, the work creates a collective fictional space of untold narratives.