Only Sound Remains (2014)

Raheleh Filsoofi

Where is Heza Afsan?
Ceramic vessels, sound and video
Dimensions variable
Credit: Reza Filsoofi (sound and video)

Only Sound Remains
Ceramic vessels and sound
Dimensions variable
Credit: Reza Filsoofi (sound)

Courtesy of the artist and Reza Filsoofi


Raheleh Filsoofi’s practice addresses the customs that mediate everyday experiences through research, education, community- centred work and performance. The installation Only Sound Remains (2014) comprising ceramic vessels, sounds and video, seeks to give physical form to sonic memories.
Obscure, almost inaudible audio emanates from within the vessels, only becoming fully audible when one places their ear to a lifted lid. The installation offers a window into the sights and sounds imprinted on the artist during her childhood in Iran—a bazaar, praying, marching, an explosion, a woman telling a story.