Para la coca (2023)

Laura Huertas Millán

Para la coca
2-channel video
30 minutes

The Labyrinth
Single-channel video
16 minutes

Journey to a Land Otherwise Known
Single-channel video
23 minutes

Single-channel video
19 minutes

Courtesy of the artist


French-Colombian visual artist and filmmaker Laura Huertas Millán’s works reflect the complex realities and ecologies produced by colonial relations in Abya Yala. Aequador (2011) imagines a strikingly uncanny parallel present where the landscape of settler- colonial imaginings exists differently, diverging from linear history. Journey to a Land Otherwise Known (2011–2012) explores the haunted combination of brutalist architecture and imported vegetation at the Plantes equatorial greenhouse in Lille, France. The Labyrinth (2018) and Para la coca (2023), present opposite uses and personhoods of the psychotropic coca plant, entangled in relationships of drug trafficking extractivism and Indigenous epistemological resistance in Colombia.