Porcelain Souls (2018)

Inuuteq Storch

At Home We Belong
25 inkjet prints on paper
Various dimensions

Porcelain Souls
Inkjet prints on paper and letters
Various dimensions
Credits: Jan Storch and Aagga Berthelsen (photographers)

Mirrored – Portraits of Good Hope
Inkjet prints on paper
Various dimensions
Credit: John Møller (photographer)

Courtesy of the artist

Video series
Various dimensions
Courtesy of the artist and the Inuiaat Isaat film archive, Nuuk, Greenland


Combining autoethnographic methodologies with archival portraits, Inuuteq Storch’s photographic practice bridges personal and universal visions of Greenland. Storch presents excerpts from two publications, an archival book project and a video series. Mirrored – Portraits of Good Hope (2021) features large-format historical portraits photographed by Greenland native John Møller and digitised by Storch. At Home We Belong (2018) offers insight into the artist’s desire for acceptance in a small town within a country of about 55,000 inhabitants. The archival book project, Porcelain Souls (2018), delves into the history of Greenland via a collection of photos and letters his parents exchanged between the late 1960s and early 1980s. A large-scale printed image from this series is installed on the facade of the Kalba Ice Factory overlooking the Gulf of Oman. Anachronism (2016–2022), a video series, contemplates the ambivalences of the arrival of modernity in Greenland with traditional livelihoods.