Red in Tooth (2020–ongoing)

Dala Nasser
Red in Tooth
Discarded fabric (buried underground for two weeks to three months), ash, charcoal and rainwater
Dimensions variable
Courtesy of the artist


Dala Nasser’s multimedia practice examines human and non-human entanglements within a perpetually deteriorating environment. Red in Tooth (2020–ongoing), a site- specific installation, traces the Al Wazzani River, which flows through southern Lebanon, where her grandparents live, into Occupied Palestine. Constituting individual pieces of fabric dyed using the river’s water, the large- scale patchwork is reassembled according to the context in which it is being displayed, here, on four separate metal cables cutting diagonally through Al Hamdan Bin Mousa courtyard. Weighed down by coral rocks from Sharjah, the hanging cables form the outlines of Al Wazzani River, portraying its presence as a natural border rather than a militarised frontier.