Revolutionary Enclosures (Until the Apricots) (2023)

Jasbir Puar and Dima Srouji
Revolutionary Enclosures (Until the Apricots)
Resin apricots, stairwell, wallpaper, framed letter, image transfer on radiator, archival image on lightbox, hand blown glass, patinated copper bus tickets, bathtub with sound and HD video projection
Dimensions variable
Produced by Sharjah Art Foundation
Courtesy of the artists


Jasbir Puar and Dima Srouji build upon their respective work in architecture, visual art and decolonial theory to produce a collaborative examination of colonial pathologies. Revolutionary Enclosures (Until the Apricots) (2023) is a series of household items that respond to the material conditions of different kinds of lockdown, interweaving the artists’ experiences of COVID-19 quarantine with their memories of the Second Intifada (2000–2005). The work reframes everyday objects emblematic of the trauma of enclosure for Palestinians besieged by air raids as symbols of resilience, community and caregiving and gestures towards the daily remaking of the commons under the constraints of siege and containment.