Searching for Oran (2019–ongoing)

Anita Pouchard Serra
Searching for Oran
Inkjet prints, vinyl sticker, single-channel audio and single-channel digital video, colour and sound
Dimensions variable Credit: Romina Resuche
Supported by the National Center for Visual Arts, CNAP, Paris
Courtesy of the artist


Anita Pouchard Serra’s visual storytelling practice draws from her transnational lived experience and engagement with social issues such as migration and women’s rights. Searching for Oran (2019– ongoing), comprising video, sound
and photography, is informed by the personal experiences of her mother, Reina, who was born in Algiers and grew up in Oran amid the Algerian War before migrating to France.
From Algeria to France to Argentina, where the artist settled more than a decade ago, Pouchard Serra’s intimate lens initiates a polyphonic
conversation about the complexities of transnational identity, memory and relationships shaped by more than a century of colonial imposition and almost a decade of conflict.