Sour Things (2022)

Mirna Bamieh
Sour Things
Text, ceramics, paintings, and fermented foods and liquids Dimensions variable
Produced by Sharjah Art Foundation
Courtesy of the artist


A trained chef, Mirna Bamieh melds food and storytelling to develop socially engaged work through Palestine Hosting Society, a live art project she founded in 2018. Through staged dinners and other interventions that draw on farming practices and the intergenerational legacies of recipes, she explores the politics of disappearance and memory production. Comprised of drawings, ceramics, text, video and ferments, Sour Things (2022) positions the process of fermentation as a method for sharpening our propensity for listening, learning, caring and becoming more attuned. Fermentation is a metaphor for zooming into the microworlds of encapsulated multitudes to reconsider life, cities, people, relationships and occurrences.