The Eternal Night (La Noche Eterna) (2022)

Coco Fusco
The Eternal Night (La Noche Eterna)
Digital video, colour and sound
70 minutes
Commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation; co-commissioned by The Wapping Project, London, with additional support from the Latinx Artist Fellowship and Anonymous Was A Woman
Courtesy of the artist


Coco Fusco’s practice engages with themes of power, race and the sociopolitical ramifications of Cuban exile. Based on the life of writer and former political prisoner Néstor Díaz de Villegas, the newly comissioned film The Eternal Night (La Noche Eterna) (2022) follows three young Cubans’ struggle for survival and autonomy under confinement. A poet, a young Evangelical man and a seasoned stage actor endeavor to transcend their circumstances through strength of will and a shared love of cinema. The film pays tribute to the countless imprisoned Cubans whose ingenuity and resolve helped them resist even the most crushing authoritarian re-education efforts.