The Eyes of Earth (The Death of Lake Urmia) (2014–ongoing)

Solmaz Daryani
The Eyes of Earth
(The Death of Lake Urmia) 2014–ongoing Photographs, wallpaper,
2-channel audio installation
Dimensions variable, 4 minutes 5 seconds
Courtesy of the artist


Documentary photographer Solmaz Daryani captures social, political and ecological issues relating to Iran and the surrounding region.
The Eyes of Earth (The Death of Lake Urmia) (2014–ongoing) chronicles the environmental degradation of Lake Urmia, where her grandfather ran a hotel. Situated between the provinces of East and West Azerbaijan in Iran, Lake Urmia was once the largest salt lake in West Asia and a thriving tourist destination. The artist’s series documents the gradual disappearance of the lake as well as the area’s tourism and agriculture industries over a 20-year span. Juxtaposing archives with new photographs, the installation includes a recording of the artist’s grandparents singing.