The Tide Country (2022)

Pak Khawateen Painting Club
The Tide Country
PVC sheets, TV screens, tablets, glass bottles, rocks, bowl, LED lights, paint and metal
Dimensions variable
Supported by the Sharjah Art Foundation Production Grant and Graham Foundation, Chicago
Courtesy of the artists


Pak Khawateen Painting Club [Pure Pakistani Women’s Painting Club] is a collective whose provocateurs investigate colossal hydrological engineering structures on the Indus River with transnational implications, including Indigenous displacement, land salinisation and ecological decline. Composed of forms resembling the design of the machinery on the River Indus barrages, the installation The Tide Country (2022) elaborates on the ecological consequences of the river’s segmentation and exploitation. Zines placed within each of the machines present findings by the artists’ that extend their critique of capitalist colonialism.