These three remain (2023)

Gabrielle Goliath
These three remain
12-channel sound and light installation 1 hour 48 minutes
Supported by Sharjah Art Foundation; Goodman Gallery, Cape Town, Johannesburg and London; and Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milan
Courtesy of the artist


Gabrielle Goliath’s practice lies at the intersection of art and activism, challenging the paradigms of racialised and sexualised violence that underpin postcolonial and post- apartheid societies. In the immersive sound and light installation These three remain (2023), twelve enveloping channels of sound emit over seven thousand samples of the word ‘love’, drawn from three life-playlists compiled by the artist and her two brothers, Gaston and Jon-Paul. The lights transforms the site into a slow-shifting, phantasmic cocoon of colour and sound, with no two visitors sharing identical experiences of it. The work reflects on the resilience of love against the violence of displacement, enslavement and extraction. A poem written by the artist welcomes visitors at its gate.