Traitors (Khawana), 2011

Sean Gullette
Traitors (Khawana), 2011
HD Video, colour
31 minutes
In Arabic and French, with English subtitles
Film still
Commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation


Malika lives a double life. By day, she is a conservatively dressed student and call-centre worker, who lives with her parents in the old kasbah of Tangier. After sunset, she becomes the leader of the all-girl punk band Traitors, whose incendiary songs are driven by Malika’s strong voice. On the evening she is preparing to shoot her first music video on the streets of Tangier, Malika goes to ‘borrow’ some money from her mother’s bedside table. She finds something unexpectedly troubling that will haunt and propel her through the adventures of the long night ahead. (In Arabic and French, with subtitles in English).

April 2011

This project was part of Sharjah Biennial 10

Commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation

Production Crew

Written, produced and directed by Sean Gullette
Co-produced by Karim Debbagh
Cinematographers: Benoît Peverelli and Niko Tavernise
Editor: Dominique Auvray Sound
Editor: Jean Dubreuil
Music Supervision: Oliver Orion
Cast: Chaimae Ben Acha, Basma Ben Moussa, Lamiae El Ahmadi, Sarah Habib Chorfa, Norah Ben Hachem, Firouz Rahal Bouzid, Abdesslam Bounouacha, Fatima Mrabet


Traitors (Khawana)

Gullette, Sean

Sean Gullette is an American writer, actor and filmmaker based in Tangier, Morocco.