When the dust of conflict settles (2023)

Dana Awartani

When the dust of conflict settles
Hand carving on griesa, jerashi, madaba, hoota and qassimi stone Dimensions variable
Credits: Saqer Farhan Al Okla, Muhammad Durzi, Muhanna Khalefa Alda’doosh, Khaleel Al Shami, Muhammad Nader, Mohammed Ali, Sief Komar, Raju Appavo, Jahaloat Ali, Mohammed Obran and Ashraf Souliman (Craftsmen); Salma Al Qatawneh, Gameel Hussieni, Sami Qarqash (Production team); Saphiyah Banafa (Research)

Study Drawings
From ‘When the dust of conflict settles’, 2023
Gouache and walnut ink on handmade cotton paper
48 x 35 cm each
Produced by Sharjah Art Foundation Courtesy of the artist


Dana Awartani seeks to revive traditional Arab forms, techniques, concepts and spatial constructs as well as historic artistic practices by making them relevant to the contemporary context. When the dust of conflict settles (2023) features an archive of recreated decorative stone carvings excerpted from monuments across Syria that were damaged during the Arab Spring. The project is a collaboration between the artist and Turquoise Mountain—a Jordan- based traditional crafts program that supports Syrian trainees—as well as stonemasons in Saudi Arabia. Displayed alongside are Awartani’s studies of patterns based on the carved designs. The work reveals how traditional crafts can contribute to the processes of healing and rebuilding.