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ISBN 978-9948-8737-3-0
Corniche 3
Comic anthology
242 pages, 210 illustrations
20 x 20 cm
English and Arabic
Published by Sharjah Art Foundation, 2021


Corniche provides a platform to artists and illustrators specialised in comics, presently practising in Sharjah and the broader region, through various community-led exchanges and workshops. It simultaneously acts as a resource for identifying illustrators and comic artists for community-centred projects and initiatives at the Foundation. The third edition of Corniche is unique as it marks a return to in-person gatherings for the exchange of thoughts and ideas; the second edition was produced remotely via online platforms during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The editorial remit of Corniche is undefined and exploratory, which allows a range of perspectives to be published together, from personal experiences, anecdotes, science fiction and fantasy to surrealism, symbolism, dreams, events, myths to abstract and impressionist ideas.

Working alongside Sharjah Art Foundation’s Community team, this year’s contributors include Sara Al Adayleh, Sarah Ahmed, Ruba Al Araji, Mariam Al Binali, Eman Al Eghfeli, Azim Al Gussein, Alia Al Hammadi, Mouza Al Hamrani, Aysha Al Hemrani, Asmaa Ebrahim Al Hosani, Rafiaa Hussain, ISSABLACK, Mohammed Khaled Ali Al Jneibi, Manar Laham, Reem Madooh, Khawla Al Marzooqi, Khalid Mezaina, Mohammed Al Mohanna, Alyazia Mubarak, Eman Al Raesi, Sultan Al Ramahi, Maryah Al Rashed, Ismail Al Rifai, Khadija Al Saeedi, Amna Al Saleh, Mohammed, Momo, Al Shaibani, Mahra Al Shamsi, Shaikha Al Shamsi, Nahla Tabbaa, Yoshi (Aisha Al Ali), Yusef, Mariam Al Zayani and Nora Zeid.

The cover art of Corniche brings together distinct elements from each contributor and integrates them within the numerous shops (or baqala in Arabic) of larger Souq Al Shanasiyah and Souq Saqr facing Sharjah’s Corniche as a tribute to the emirate’s vibrant street culture.

Where to buy:

Corniche 3 is available on-site at Sharjah Art Shops in Al Mureijah Square, Arts Square and The Flying Saucer, and online via email. Please write to to order your copy.

Where to buy: