Publication Details

Corniche 4
Comic anthology
220 pages, 205 illustrations
20 x 20 cm (7.87 x 7.87 in)
English and Arabic
Published by Sharjah Art Foundation
ISBN 978-9948-805-11-3


‘Corniche’ is a series of comic anthologies based on research, exploration and experimentation. Including texts in Arabic and English as well as illustrations, the stories embrace written and spoken heritage, science fiction, fantasy, metaphysics, dreams and myths.

Through multiple community-led exchanges and workshops, the ‘Corniche’ project provides a platform for comic book artists and illustrators currently practising in Sharjah and the broader region to share ideas, drawings, techniques and experiences.

Coniche 4 expanded upon the previous editions by including new talent and voices through a UAE-focused open call. The workshop, making and production of Corniche 4 looked to expand the base of writers and artists in Sharjah and extend the scope of the artistic community.

The 2022 edition included contributions from Mariam Abbas, Maryam Abdullah, Nada Abulmagd, Moza Alfalasi, Fatema Alghawas, Mouza Alhamrani, Aysha Alhamrani, Maryam Almheiri, Khadija Almulla, Eman Al Raesi, Matar Alteneiji, Ruba Al Araji, Adnan Arif, Mai Awwad, Hauwa Bashir, Issa Black, Azim Al Ghussein, Alia Al Hammadi, Rafiaa Hussain, Mohammed Al Hussaini, Aya Al Janabi, Lena Kassicieh, Yusef Mashhady, Khalid Mezaina, Harikrishnan Moothedathu, Alyazia Mubarak, Alaa Omari, Khadija Al Saeedi, Amna Al Saleh, Mitali Sampat, Mohammed Al Shaibani, Alaa Shrabi, Dina Tawil and Nora Zeid. The cover illustration is by Nasir Nasrallah. ‘Corniche’ is an initiative of the Community Programme in the Learning and Research Department at Sharjah Art Foundation.