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Farther Than The Eye Can See
36 pages, 8 visuals
15 x 10 cm
English and Arabic
Published by Sharjah Art Foundation, 2012


Farther Than The Eye Can See is a multi-channel video installation by Basma Alsharif that uses a story from the past to question the future. The installation was commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation and co-produced with the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture as part of Alsharif’s 2011 artist residency at the Sharjah Art Foundation. This book of postcards contains stills from Alsharif’s video installation.



Basma Al Sharif: Farther Than The Eye Can See

Farther Than the Eye Can See

Basma Alsharif is interested in how near and far away geo-political issues affect us physically and/or emotionally; how they can simultaneously affect us just as easily as we can disregard them.