Artwork Details

  • Artist Andreas Gursky
  • Title Pyongyang III
  • Date 2007
  • Medium C-print
  • Dimensions 222 X 454 X 6.5 cm
Pyongyang III Image


Renowned for his large-format colour photographs charting themes of globalised society at work and play, Andreas Gursky’s production employs the latest digital technology to capture and refine an astounding compilation of detail on an epic scale. The perspective in many of Gursky’s photographs is drawn from an elevated vantage point. This position enables the viewer to encounter scenes, encompassing both centre and periphery, which are ordinarily beyond reach. For the Pyongyang series (2007), Gursky travelled to the Arirang Festival, held annually in North Korea in honour of the late Communist leader Kim Il-sung. The festival’s mass games include more than 50,000 participants performing tightly choreographed acrobatics, against a backdrop of 30,000 schoolchildren holding coloured flip-cards that produce an ever-changing mosaic of patterns and images. Gursky’s photographs describe, in panoramic dimensions, the incongruity of the brilliant colours and smiling faces of the performers within the controlled, totalitarian nature of the event.


Pyongyang III

Gursky, Andreas

Andreas Gursky has made use of the technical possibilities of digital processing in the production of his images.