Sharjah Waterfront Trip, 2017


Exploring Sharjah’s busy waterfront and Port Khalid, participants will observe the journey fishermen take to catch fish and sell them at Souq Al Jubail fish auctions. How are prices determined? What are some of the legal challenges? Participants will witness all stages of the energetic fish auction at Souq Al Jubail, from the queuing of the fish to be auctioned, to the rhythmic chants of the auctioneers, to the cleaning and distribution of the fish. After the auction, participants will print fish portraits on paper using natural inks and dyes from food and spices. Inspired by gyotaku, a Japanese method of making prints of fish using non-toxic ink and the fish itself, these printed portraits will offer detailed depictions of the natural textures and patterns of different species of fish.


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This excursion is for ages 18+
All SAF events are free and open to the public.