Grant amount up to USD 30,000 + publishing and distribution support

Sharjah Art Foundation invites art and cultural scholars, independent publishers and publishing houses, collectives and public institutions to submit proposals for a project that will contribute to the production of original ideas and critical thinking and will take an experimental and innovative approach to publishing in the broader discourse on art and culture.

The 2021 edition of the FOCAL POINT Publishing Grant extends the Foundation’s mission to provide opportunities that will contribute to interdisciplinary publishing practices in the region. The grant is committed to supporting printed matter that stands out for its intellectual, graphic and material qualities.

The Foundation will provide a total USD 30,000 to multiple grantees in addition to publishing and distribution support across the following three categories:

Long-form essays (6,000+ words) that will utilise unpublished original research or offer new readings of ideas and themes pertaining to solidarity within Global South networks, such as the MEASA (Middle East, Africa, and South Asia) region; underrepresented histories; or a new collection or anthology. The grant winning essay will be printed in a small reader format.

Reproduction of small publications, specifically any avant-garde experimental art publications that require translation. This includes publications that have been out of print for the last 10 years and could be revised, updated and supplemented with a new academic introduction. Publications in languages other than English are encouraged to apply.

The newly added experimental publications category invites printed matter on a variety of topics and media including but not limited to: cookbooks, picture books, personal anecdotes, travelogues, geography books, artist zines, comics, graphic novels, children books, illustrated material and combinations of the above or any other type. While the final project must be presented in a printed format, an e-book version or digital reading component is encouraged.

Application Guidelines:

The following conditions must be met for a project to be eligible for funding:
● An applicant may apply for one grant category per year.
● A single grant request must not exceed USD 15,000.
● The original material can be in any language; however, the final project must be in Arabic and/or English.
● Only finished works that have never been published, at least not with an ISBN and/or for commercial distribution, qualify.
● Applicants must already hold or agree to obtain all related rights, licences and permissions to reproduce or reprint any relevant archival material or images, including licensing support from other funding organisations/institutions.
● Copyright of all aesthetic and intellectual content will remain with the applicant.
● Grant money should be used towards research and fee-based activities such as translation, image licensing, documentation, editing and printing.
● Applicants should allow sufficient time to plan, implement and publish their project to coincide with the FOCAL POINT art book fair in December 2022.
● If awarded, the applicant agrees to acknowledge Sharjah Art Foundation’s support in all published media and grant the Foundation exclusive worldwide rights to the reproduction, distribution, public communication and adaptation.
● In addition to providing funding, Sharjah Art Foundation can offer design and printing support as well as publish and promote the works through its own publishing and distribution platforms.
● The winner(s) will be entitled to receive 25 copies of their work and will have the opportunity to launch completed project(s) at the FOCAL POINT art book fair with a possibility of inclusion in the fair talks programme.
● The following categories are not eligible for the grant:
o Projects in fiction, poetry, novels, biographies and autobiographies.
o Proposals for exhibition catalogues or artist monographs associated with another institution or commercial space.
o If the funding is intended to cover infrastructure and equipment costs as well as the costs of operating cultural facilities, archives and collections.


● A completed application form with information on the author(s), including biography, contact, and personal information.
● Project description in conceptual and organisational terms including breakdown of timeline.
● Details on the amount requested from Sharjah Art Foundation and cost justification, including information on all financial assistance requested from third parties.
● Disclosure on third party funding and necessary approvals on rights, licenses, and permissions.
● Supporting documents (recommended but not mandatory).

How to Apply:

● Only applications submitted through this link will be considered.
● Deadline for submission is 11:59 PM (GST) of 15 November 2021. Submissions after the deadline will not be accepted.
● For inquiries, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and indicate FOCAL POINT Publishing Grant 2021 in the subject line.