Tapestries, The Collections Building, Sharjah, 2016


A traditional handicraft for decorating fabric, embroidery is now being used as a contemporary craft to portray narratives that are no longer limited to flowery geometric designs and landscapes but can tell stories of identity. Drawing inspiration from the numerous embroidery shops hidden in the alleys of #SAFneighbourhood, participants will collectively create designs that speak of the narratives collected from the neighbourhood and embroider them onto Islamic prayer rugs with the guidance of one of #SAFneighbourhood’s embroiderers.

This workshop is in collaboration with #SAFneighbourhood tailors.


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This workshop is available to ages 15+

All SAF events are free and open to the public.


#SAFneighbourhood Craftsmen: Prayer Rug Embroidery


Inspired by Enrico David’s Fault Work exhibition currently showing at SAF Art Spaces, this workshop invites participants to go on an excursion around #SAFneighbourhood to find and collect unwanted fabrics and materials from textile shops.