Excursion and Workshop: Urban Zine Workshop, Sharjah, 2018.


Inspired by SB14 artist Lee Mingwei’s The Letter Writing Project, participants in this workshop will be introduced to the postal system in the UAE and learn the step-by-step process of sending a postcard via snail mail. Starting with a walk to capture the best of #SAFneighbourhood through photography, participants will then use their favourite photographs to personalise their postcards and dedicate them to new pen-pals with the use of a random mail address generator

About the instructor

Jaffat El Aqlam is an independent platform that celebrates artistic creations by individuals from/based in the MENA region, establishing its digital existence through zines, open calls, workshops, and collaborative dialogue. Established in 2014, Jaffat El Aqlam has grown to become an open space for artists/designers, writers, musicians, poets, start-ups and researchers to feature their work and contribute to the exploration of identities for those within and out of the MENA region.


This workshop has reached maximum capacity.

For ages 16+

This workshops is free and open to the public.