Ahmed Al Ansari’s paintings explore the artist’s memories of the Emirati landscape and architecture of his childhood.

His solo exhibition in 1972 marked the inauguration of Radio Sharjah, and another solo show was presented in Abu Dhabi in 1979. Al Ansari’s work has also been featured in group exhibitions, including 1980–Today: Exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates, UAE Pavilion, 56th Venice Biennale (2015); the Emirati Cultural Day, Vaals, the Netherlands (2014); 21st exhibition of the Emirates Fine Arts Society, Sharjah (2003); Sharjah Biennial 4 (1999) and ninth Exhibition of Fine Art at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation (1994).

In 1994, Al Ansari was recognised at the third exhibition of Gulf Cooperation Council Artists as a pioneer of the fine art movement in the UAE. He is a founding member of the Emirates Fine Arts Society.

Al Ansari was born in 1954 in Sharjah, where he continues to live and work.