Photo Credit: Zsombor Kempl


Safeya Alblooshi experiments with sound in the realms of manipulated field recordings, experimental composition and participatory performance. Using found objects, field recordings, the piano, the computer and analogue technology, she engages with topics of conceptual narrative, environmental listening and interactivity in performance.

In addition to curating a sound project for the Open Studios at NYU Abu Dhabi (2019), Alblooshi has assisted with We Are Not Alone, an audio-visual soundwalk by the Soundwalk Collective for the Louvre Abu Dhabi (2020). She has also done sound for live performance and moving image.

Alblooshi is currently completing her fourth year at New York University Abu Dhabi, studying for a Bachelor of Art in Music (expected 2021). She is working on the performance/installation Narrated liquid contaminants as her final project, for which she is investigating sounds of water contamination.

Born in Dubai in 1998, Alblooshi is currently based in Abu Dhabi.

SAF participation:
Re|sound V (2020)

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