Artist and poet Anis Chouchene is Tunisian by nationality, African by identity and human by belonging. Chouchene writes about and for humankind, telling stories emanating from his community to defend his existence and his generation. He calls for the embrace of peace as a common religion, dreams as a slogan, art as a weapon, the Earth as a home and difference as uniqueness. He affirms that ‘the universe belongs to all of us’.

Chouchene has been in charge of the cultural and artistic activities at the Manamty Society since 2014 and has participated in many arts performances and events related to his interests in poetry, music, dance, cinema and theatre. He took part in the Festival of Afrabia in Khartoum (2018), Amazigh New Year celebrations in Agadir, Morocco (2018) and the Amazigh Festival in Tangier, Morocco (2017). He performed in joint concerts with the musician Charbel Rouhana in Jordan (2018) and Bekaa, Lebanon (2016). He presented his work in many literary gatherings in Tunisia as well as poetry evenings at the African Literature Festival, Bayreuth, Germany (2017) and the Sheikh Ebrahim Center for Culture and Research, Bahrain (2016). He performed as a dancer in the Mestizo Arts Festival, Antwerp (2013) and Dance Group of the Bizerte Youth House, Tunisia (1999–2012).

Chouchene has also been active in cultural activities and forums inside and outside Tunisia that are associated with human rights organisations and activists, including the Arab Institute for Human Rights, Amnesty International and Anna Lindh (2011–present).

He was born in 1982 in Tunis, where he continues to live and work.

SAF participation:
March Meeting 2019

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