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Having worked together since 2001, Gilda Mantilla and Raimond Chaves consider themselves to be creators of images, in dialectical confrontation with the contexts in which they are inscribed. Above all, they focus on the framework of what is commonly understood as Latin American and therefore on the processes that shape it and the dynamics and conflicts that put it in question.

Their work has been shown at Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA) (2020); Borrowed Space and Regular Features, ProjecteSD, Barcelona (2020); Time for Change: Art and Social Unrest in the Jorge M. Pérez Collection, El Espacio 23, Miami (2019); Lux, 80m2 Livia Benavides, Lima (2019); Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, Mº Amparo, Puebla (2019); Matadero Madrid: Centro de Creación Contemporánea (2019); Juntos Aparte, BIENALSUR, Museo Norte de Santander y ciudad de Cúcuta, Cúcuta (2017); Under the Same Sun, South London Gallery, London (2016); A Sense of Place, Mana Contemporary, Miami (2015); Viewing Room, The New School, New York (2015); Nonument, Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), Barcelona (2014); Under the Same Sun, Guggenheim Museum, New York (2014); and A Trip from Here to There, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York (2013).

They have been members of the collectives Espacio La Culpable (2005–2008), Circulo Cuadrado de Lima (2010) and Comité 1º de Mayo (2013–2015), all in Lima. Both share their work by teaching in educational institutions, such as Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP),(2019-2021), La Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes del Perú (ENSABAP) , 2018), Escuela de Arte Corriente Alterna, Lima (2012-2017) and independent workshops such as Capacete, Rio de Janeiro; Fundación Yaxs, Ciudad de Guatemala; La Tallera, Sala de Arte Público Siquieros, Cuernavaca (all in 2016). Under the name of Trabajo de Base, they develop workshops, seminars and other types of interventions in an effort to activate the educational space.

Mantilla received a BFA from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú with honours in painting (1990); Chaves received a BFA from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (1989).
Mantilla was born in 1967 in Los Angeles while Chaves was born in 1963 in Bogota. They live and work in Lima.

SAF Participation:
Genealogies in the Middle East and Latin America (2021)

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