Salah Hassan is Goldwin Smith Professor and Director of the Institute of Comparative Modernities, and Professor of African and African Diaspora Art History and Visual Culture, in the Department of History of Art and Visual Culture, Cornell University.

He previously served as Chair of History of Art, Cornell University between 2000-2005. He is also a curator and art critic. Prior to joining the Cornell faculty, Hassan taught in the Department of History of Art at the State University of New York at Buffalo, the Department of History of Art at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Department of Art History and General Studies in the College of Fine and Applied Art in Khartoum, Sudan.

He is a frequent public speaker and has authored and edited several books, including: Unpacking Europe (Rotterdam: NAi Publishers, 2001), Authentic/Ex-Centric: Conceptualism in Contemporary African Art (2001), Gendered Visions: The Art of Contemporary Africana Women Artists (1997), Art and Islamic Literacy Among the Hausa of Northern Nigeria (1992). Hassan is the Founder and Editor of NKA: Journal of Contemporary African Art and serves as Consulting Editor for African Arts and Atlantica. Hassan received his PhD in 1988 and an MA in 1984, from the University of Pennsylvania, after graduating with a BA (honors) in 1978, from the University of Khartoum.