Sara Kanoo earned a bachelor’s degree in Architecture with a concentration in Theoretical Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, USA in 2009. After graduating, Kanoo moved back to Bahrain, where she grew up, to work in the architecture department of COWI Gulf A/S, a consultancy agency based in Denmark. During this time, she designed the interior of Al Riwaq Café, as well as an outdoor library and seating area made entirely from recycled material for Al Riwaq’s event Market338. Leading a team as part of Al Riwaq’s Alwan338, an outdoors arts festival, she worked on transforming an abandoned building into a space for hosting local art exhibitions, redesigning its façade using bicycles from a scrap yard, and designing a corresponding public space. Kanoo is currently developing an urban think tank and research centre based in Bahrain.