Iman Mersal is a poet, essayist, translator and literary scholar based in Edmonton, Canada. She is the author of five books of Arabic poetry. Her poems have appeared in Parnassus, Paris Review, The Nation, American Poetry Review, The Kenyon Review and Michigan Quarterly Review. A selection of Mersal's poetry, titled These Are Not Oranges, My Love (Sheep Meadow Press) and translated by Khaled Mattawa, was published in 2008. Her most recent publications include an Arabic translation of Charles Simic's memoirA Fly in the Soup (Al Kotob Khan, Cairo, 2016) and a group of essays titled How to Mend: On Motherhood and its Ghosts (Kayfa ta and Mophradat, 2017). She was a EUME Fellow at the Forum Transregionale Studien, Berlin (2012–2013). She is currently Associate Professor of Arabic Literature at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

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