Drop by then: Raw Cast, 2012

Part-time Suite
Drop by then: Raw Cast, 2012
Text projection, video, looped
Mixed media
Dimensions variable
Produced by Sharjah Art Foundation
Supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Photo by Alfredo Rubio


Part-time Suite (est. 2009, Seoul, Republic of Korea) is a collaborative group formed by Miyeon Lee, Byungjae Lee and Jaeyoung Park.

In 2009 they installed their projects Under Interior and off-off-stage in a basement and an unoccupied lot in the centre of Seoul, while their project Loop the Loop was developed on rooftops in Seoul as part of the exhibition Perspective Strikes Back at Doosan Gallery, which later travelled to L’appartment 22 in Rabat, Morocco.

In 2010 the group formed Part-time Suite Sound, a four-piece rock band, and Part-time Suite Press, an independent publisher. In 2011 they were nominated for the Hermés Korea Foundation Art Prize.