Deniz Gul’s work examines the dynamics of power, appearance and representations through objects, language and the symbolic. She often groups her works to spatialise a conceptual exploration that is also responsive to the context of its presentation. Installed in The Flying Saucer, Gul’s three sculptures for SB13 suggest a runaway ecosystem of conceptual proposals that refuse ascribed meaning.

In Fractals for Light (White on White) (2017), an arrangement of neon tubing hovers above a ground of granular sugar. The composition suggests fractals, fields or a cityscape at night. The aerial view depicts a networked logic of urban settlement that also resembles a spider’s web and other natural forms.

Young Prophet (2016–2017) and Lavabo (2016–2017) explore perceived function through illusions of form that are associated with the movement and collection of water. The former appears to be a garden hose but is, in fact, cast solid throughout, necessitating reassessment of its use and value as a flexible conduit of water. Lavabo is a sleek cast polyurethane foam sculpture reminiscent of a washbasin. Although no tap has been installed, water has pooled immaculately within its bowl.

This project was part of Sharjah Biennial 13.

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Fractals For Light

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Young Prophet

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