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Museum of Optography, The Purple Chamber
Exhibition Guide
84 pages, 41 visuals
18 x 12 cm
English and Arabic
Published by Sharjah Art Foundation, 2012


The Museum of Optography, The Purple Chamber was an installation by Derek Ogbourne that investigates the idea that a ‘final image’ is imprinted temporarily on the retina at the moment of death. The Museum of Optography invites the viewer to engage and play with myth, science and perception. This booklet accompanied the exhibition with texts compiled from Ogbourne’s writings, as well as descriptions and visuals of the works that were on view.



Derek Ogbourne: Museum of Optography, The Purple Chamber

Ogbourne, Derek

Derek Ogbourne has developed a practice that makes visible the strengths and frailties of being human through his overlapping and sometimes contradictory ways of seeing the world.