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Enrico David
Exhibition booklet
16.5 x 11.5 cm
English and Arabic
55 pages, 22 visuals
Published by Sharjah Art Foundation, 2016

The exhibition Enrico David: Fault Work was the artist’s first solo exhibition in the region. It featured a series of large-scale tapestries, as well as metal sculptures and wall plaques. The human body, as form and corporeal idea, is ever present as the themes of transformation, rebirth and erosion weave an anthropomorphic narrative throughout his work. Anchored in the studied and precise application of drawing, David’s works transition from ideas sketched on paper to painting, sculpture, fibre and site-specific installations. The works incorporate elements of industrial design and artisanal craft technique while conveying a sense of both bodily permanence and impermanence.

Enrico David: Fault Work

Enrico David: Fault Work

Exhibiting for the first time in the region, Enrico David’s solo exhibition will showcase his metal sculptures, plaques and large scale tapestries.

Enrico David: Fault Work

David, Enrico

Enrico David’s diverse practice converges at the intersections of sculpture, textiles, drawing, painting and installation.