Artwork Details

  • Artist Jumana Manna and Sille Storihle
  • Title The Goodness Regime
  • Date 2011-2013
  • Medium Colour HD video projection with sound
  • Duration 21 minutes
The Goodness Regime Image


The Goodness Regime is a creative documentary exploring the image of Norway as a country of peace and benevolence. Archival footage of political speeches and clips from Hollywood films are woven together with a series of enactments by children, in which they recount the myths, historical events and cultural personae that have propelled this understanding of the Scandinavian nation. In a satirical deconstruction of the 'goodness regime', the artists explore the past moral dilemmas of one of the wealthiest countries on earth.

The film looks at the 1993 Oslo Accords, signed by Israel and the PLO: through secret, backchannel diplomacy, Norway facilitated a series of meetings that led to the two sides signing a Declaration of Principles. The Oslo Accords became the first major example of the Norwegian model for conflict resolution, and the country successfully managed to brand itself as a peacemaker. However, the Accords were in a fact a political failure, and an obstacle in the struggle for Palestinian statehood. This case study reflects the resilience of the Norwegian self-image and highlights the pitfalls of a national dream of goodness.


The Goodness Regime

Storihle, Sille

Sille Storihle’s practice is research-based and primarily takes form in publications, happenings and films.