6:00–7:30 pm

Fanon and Glissant: On De-Opacification and the Right to Opacity
Manthia Diawara (Professor, NYU, and filmmaker)

This talk will focus on two theoretical concepts: de-opacification and the right to opacity, as deployed by Frantz Fanon and Edouard Glissant respectively. What did Fanon mean by the term ‘de-opacification’? How did he intend it as a tool of the liberation struggle and decolonisation? Is Glissant's demand for the right to opacity a response to Fanon’s and other thinkers’ over-reliance on a philosophy of transparency and existential dialectics? Is our consent to the opacity of the Other the best way of maintaining human and nonhuman diversity?

7:30–8:30 pm

Breakout session for the audience and March Meeting participants to discuss topics related to MM 2021: Unravelling the Present.