5:00–7:00 pm

Global Modernism/New Scholarship
Elizabeth Giorgis (Associate Professor, University of Addis Ababa), Alex Dika Saggerman (Assistant Professor, Rutgers University), Sadia Shirazi (architect, writer and curator, Cornell University and Whitney Independent Study Program)
Moderator: Iftikhar Dadi (Associate Professor, History of Art and Director, South Asia Program, Cornell University)

The last two decades have witnessed a major shift in the study and theorisation of modernity and modernism, moving away from the standard Eurocentric conception to a more global and multiple one. Hence, the claim to modernity, as suggested by Rasheed Araeen, is better understood as being open and not necessarily limited to a universalised European construct or monopoly. This roundtable is meant to sample new scholarship in the field of modernism from a global perspective, by highlighting the work of several authors who have produced groundbreaking studies on modernity and modernism in the last few years.

7:10–7:40 pm 

Srinagar Biennial
Presentation: Melissa Carlson

7:50–8:20 pm

On the Verge of Now
Presentation: Sabrina Moura

8:30–9:00 pm 

Art Biennials and the Mediterranean Conundrum
Presentation: Chiara Cartuccia