Locus Focus at Lake Kawaguti in front of Mt. Fuji, 2006. Photo, Rin Ishihara

Experimental dancer Min Tanaka will perform 'Locus Focus', an improvised dance presentation that returns the process of dance to nature in the place where the performance takes place; interacting with the surrounding environment to challenge modern conventions of dance and its role in contemporary society.

This performance is part of the on-going exhibition 'Inter-Resonance: Inter-Organics, Japanese Performance and Sound Art' at Sharjah Art Foundation. The exhibition is the second iteration of Sharjapan, a four-year-long collaboration with curator Yuko Hasegawa, which this year focuses on performances and sound-based installations exploring interactions between nature, technology and human life.

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Performance: Locus Focus

Tanaka, Min

Min Tanaka is an experimental dancer who focuses on the psycho-physical unity of the body.

Performance: Locus Focus

Inter-Resonance: Inter-Organics

Inter-Resonance: Inter-Organics, Japanese Performance and Sound Art will focus on performance and sound-based installations that imagine new ecologies of nature and materiality.