After studying photography and visual arts at the High School of the Arts, Berlin and Kings College London, Eva Meyer-Keller completed dance and choreography studies at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. She presents her performances internationally, develops projects with other artists and increasingly produces video pieces. Her work includes collaborative video works such as De-placed (2009) and Handmade (2007), an audience participatory game Schattenspieler (2008), performance installation Building after Catastrophes (2007) and performances like Hauskonzert (2007) and Good Hands (2005), all of which continue to be performed regularly. For Past of the Coming Days, she presented one of her most widely performed pieces, Death is Certain (2002). Meyer-Keller also works as a performer or on projects with other choreographers or groups such as Baktruppen, Jerome Bel, Christine De Smedt/les Ballets C de la B and others.

Eva Meyer-Keller was born in 1972 in Freiburg, Germany. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

November 2010

This person was part of Sharjah Biennial 9