Film Programme

Reflecting the growing importance of film in the Foundation's work, the SAF Film Programme offers regular screenings in Mirage City Cinema, Sharjah's only dedicated outdoor cinema, a Film Club, educational programmes for film enthusiasts, as well as support for filmic work by visual artists.

Film Screenings and Events

UAE audiences can enjoy a wide range of films and film genres featured in the regularly scheduled screenings that take place in SAF's Mirage City Cinema.

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Film Club

Dedicated to film and filmmaking, the SAF Film Club is designed for filmmakers and offers opportunities to get involved in the local film community.

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Productions and Partnerships

Since Sharjah Biennial 6 in 2003, Sharjah Art Foundation has supported the production of film and video work by visual artists and filmmakers.

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Mirage City Cinema

The Sharjah's only dedicated outdoor cinema space, Mirage City Cinema was originally commissioned as part of the Sharjah Biennial 11 Film Programme.

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Artist and Professional Programmes

Sharjah Art Foundation is committed to support the work of artists and art practitioners through its Artist and Professional Programmes that include the Production Programme Grants, Residencies, professional training programmes, studio space and internship opportunities.

SAF Studios

Sharjah Art Foundation invites UAE based artists to apply for studio space at the Collections Building in Sharjah Arts Area.

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Production Programme

The Production Programme broadens the possibilities for the production of art in the MENASA region.

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Residency Programme

The Sharjah Art Foundation Residency Programme offers artists and art practitioners a place of rest, reflection and exploration of the Emirates and the region at large.

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The March Project

The March Project is an educational residency programme for young artists that provides opportunities to research, realise and present site-specific works.

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Community Programmes

Sharjah Art Foundation works together with the local community on a growing range of initiatives that include the Urban Garden and Vantage Point Sharjah.


This project reflects, celebrates and documents the narratives of the area surrounding SAF.

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Workshops and Events

SAF offers engaging community workshops and activities that emphasise public participation, urban research and sustainability.

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Group Visits

SAF welcomes groups and visitors for self-guided and organised tours and activities.

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SAF Urban Garden

Designed as a collective space, the garden is a social, learning and creative site for local communities.

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Vantage Point Sharjah

An Open Call exhibition, participants are invited to capture Sharjah’s everyday life and culture through photography.

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Web Radio

Rawdat Al Balabel

In collaboration with AMAR Foundation (Arab Music Archiving and Research), Sharjah Art Foundation presents Rawdat al-Balabel: a series of podcasts about classical Arabic music.

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