Sharjah Art Foundation offers a range of courses, workshops, excursions and other activities for individuals with physical, learning and developmental difficulties. Designed for participants aged three and above, the various sessions aim to help people with disabilities discover new ways of self-expression through art. All sessions are facilitated by experienced professionals in English and/or Arabic, depending on the needs of the participants. Most sessions take place in the Art for All Center, Al Mureijah Square, but some are held in Sharjah Art Foundation spaces or other venues.

Sharjah Art Foundation is committed to making its programmes as inclusive and accessible as possible. Disability symbols are included in session descriptions to indicate accessibility.

Key to symbols:

Specific Learning Disorder
specific learning disorder

Intellectual Disability
intellectual disability

Visual Impairment
Visual Impairment

Hearing Impairment
Hearing Impairment

Physical Disability
Physical Disability

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Autism spectrum disorder

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Become a Puppeteer

Become a Puppeteer

Course for Children

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