March Meeting 2021 (MM 2021) runs from 12 to 21 March in an extended 10-day format featuring online talks, panels and presentations, as well as on-site performances and film screenings at the Foundation’s venues.

The MM 2021 online component will bring together former Sharjah Biennial curators, artistic directors, artists, art historians and critics to examine the role, place and impact of the Sharjah Biennial in the region and the global contemporary art scene at large. The online talks, panels and lectures take place on the MM 2021 virtual platform. Register for online sessions ahead of their scheduled start time on this link. All times listed are Gulf Standard Time (GST).

In addition to an extensive online programme, MM 2021 will also feature on-site performances by Tarek Atoui and collaborating artists-in-residence from Atoui’s ongoing exhibition Cycles in 11 in Bait Al Serkal, and screenings of acclaimed films in the Foundation’s outdoor Mirage City Cinema. Bookings for the on-site events will be available soon.

The MM 2021 virtual platform can be accessed on this link.

Download the complete and detailed March Meeting 2021 programme here.

Programme 2021

Friday 12.03.2021

Saturday 13.03.2021

Sunday 14.03.2021

Monday 15.03.2021

Tuesday 16.03.2021

Wednesday 17.03.2021

Thursday 18.03.2021

Friday 19.03.2021

Saturday 20.03.2021

Sunday 21.03.2021